Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean up Ready Go?

  Most of Ready Go is biodegradable, and nature will handle it. Residue from Ready Go or any ice melt product can end up tracking, even inside on valuable surfaces.

 Outside - Traction Minerals may be left on the ground surface. Either leave them there or sweep the surface off. It can be swept up and transported to help fertilize a garden as they are nutrient-rich and contain nitrogen - great for soil! If there is colorant you want to remove, you can expedite the fading using a product like OxyClean. It will fade naturally over a few days in the sun to a couple of weeks if in the shade.

Inside- We recommend a mat at the entrance to capture any residue.

Carpet - Vacuum the carpet. If you notice Ready Go's pigment got into the carpet, use water and/or Oxyclean product, or let it fade naturally. Hard surfaces can be swept and mopped. The minerals are very porous, crushing easily, and shouldn't damage floors. 



How can I get the most out of Ready Go?

  Store Ready Go in a warm, dry place. Often people will store it by the closest source of heat to the exit, whether a radiator or vent. But, don't store it against anything too hot that it will melt the packaging. Keep Ready Go out of humid conditions. You don't have to apply tremendous amounts. You want an even spread of a bunch of granules per sq/ inch. The point isn't to melt all of the ice, but to create the channels in the ice and cause separation from the ground surface. By doing that, you can remove the ice easier with a shovel or other mechanical means. Ice Melter is not a substitute for a shovel for significant accumulation. Ready Go can and will melt it all if you use enough, but uses far more of the product than necessary to achieve desired results.


What happens if my pet or child eats Ready Go Ice Melter?

  The first thing to do is relax- Ready Go is child and pet safe! Nitrogen is the primary concern that may affect some pets and people with specific health issues. Typically, there will not be any issues for most pets and people, but we can't speak for everyone. Ready Go is non-toxic and safe when used as directed. 


Why can't I find Ready Go near me?

  We'd love to be in a store near you, but we need your help! If there's a local store that you think would be an excellent fit for Ready Go products, we'd love to reach out. Speak to the store manager and let them know you'd like to see our ice melt available at their location. If you'd like to send us their contact information, we're happy to follow up to answer any questions they might have.



Why should I use Ready Go instead of other products?

   In short, Ready Go is a product made for people, pets, and the planet. So many sources report on the harm of salt and chloride-based ice melters. Salts and chlorides are dangerous to the environment and to everything it touches. Calcium and Magnesium are chemicals to avoid, especially on concrete. Chlorides are very similar to bleach. You wouldn't dump bleach right onto something important like the planet, your property, etc., without heavily diluting it.

 Due to the lack of regulation on the language used on ice melting products, transparency relies on the manufacturer's integrity. Tellus Tru strives to be the most honest, transparent company we can be, and customer trust is our priority.   



Why is Ready Go more expensive than most ice melters? 

 Ready Go is made with premium ingredients to ensure a safe, quality product. Ready Go uses chemistry and natural elements to produce a genuinely safe product.  



What is in the secret sauce? 

 We can't tell you everything, but it is mostly Propylene Glycol (the safe Glycol) mixed with special surfactants, inhibitors, and ice melting boosters.



How long until Ready Go expires? Does it even go bad?

  As long as you store Ready Go in a dry place, it will stay good for years. Alternatively, salt can go bad after one or two seasons. Because of its extended shelf life, it's ideal for areas that don't see too much winter weather. Store away from high humidity. Sunlight will cause the color to fade, but that doesn't affect the product. The darker the blue, the easier to see, the less you spread. Also, the dark blue will help capture energy from the sun to increase melting. 



Why didn't the product work as we expected?

Ready Go works reliably to -2 degrees F  (-18 degrees C). You may be expecting Ready Go to be a miracle melter. Look closer at where you applied Ready Go. If you see lots of holes in the ice, it's working! If you take a shovel to the ice and snow, it should come up pretty easily. Unfortunately, if you expected Ready Go to shovel for you, then you might be disappointed.

There may be a few reasons why Ready Go didn't melt as fast as expected. Sometimes the ice freezes so solid and dry that the product can't activate. Like salt, Ready Go needs to be activated by water. Typically there is a thin layer of water on the surface of the ice that helps start the product. Without that water, it is like spreading Ready Go on a glass table. We recommend storing Ready Go somewhere warm so that the warmth retained in the product can start when you apply it. Even misting a little water or sprinkling water on the hard ice surface can jump-start the process.   



How well does Ready Go work compared to traditional ice melters? 

  Ready Go is a great ice melter, but it isn't as aggressive as the cheap ones out there. We are constantly improving our formula to make a better product to compete with the traditional ice melters. What might take Rock Salt 2 minutes to melt might take Ready Go 4 minutes to melt. Melting is typically done within 10 minutes. Most people won't need that urgency, but we understand that the need for traveling on the ice might be urgent. We included instant traction granules so that while the product is melting, you can still walk or drive safely on the ice right away. You don't even have to wait for the ice to melt, making Ready Go an instant solution, which is better than traditional ice melters. 



Is there anything that isn't safe about Ready Go?

We don't want to hide what the others hide. The main ingredient in our product is soluble nitrogen. Nitrogen is an excellent fertilizer. It can lead to algae blooms in waterways when used in excessive amounts. This is hardly an issue in the winter, but something to be mindful of in the spring. Ready Go uses unique minerals that absorb excess nitrogen and hold it for slow release. While providing traction, these minerals will also benefit your gardens if you sweep them into the garden. It is fair to mention that nitrogen is biodegradable and will not have long-term adverse effects, while salt will never disappear. Chlorides can last and impact freshwater ways in terrible ways for far longer than nitrogen ever could. Nitrogen may also affect the health of ruminants (animals that chew their cud) and pseudo-ruminant animals if they ingest too much. Ready Go is not tasty like salt is, so the ingestion is typically not of significant concern. All in all - play it safe with Ready Go!



Does Ready Go melt differently than other brands? 

Salt based ice melt is the most known type and is often meant to be a top-down product, meaning they are spread on top of ice and will melt through until reaching a point of dilution, where users then risk the issue of the diluted mixture to re-freeze and solidify into a stronger icy layer. Ready Go melts by boring holes throughout the ice which destabilizes the ice and allows the Ready Go granules to reach the ground surface to break the bond between the ice and the ground below which in turn allows for easier removal of the snow and ice. 



Is Ready Go safe for animals to ingest? 

The environment in which ice melt is manufactured in are not sterile environments and can be contaminated by other factors throughout their production. Ice melt in general should not be ingested by animals or humans, however our Ready Go ingredients are not salty in taste and therefore less appealing to animals in terms of eating or accidental ingestion.  



How does this product compare to Safe Paw? 

Ready Go was started by a former executive of Safe Paw in order to make a better product. Ready Go’s product is similar in technology and safety, while using a newer formula that includes more modern ingredients and improved consistency. Ready Go is considered more effective and safer than Safe Paw due to the traction it provides and its ability to better absorb nitrogen. 



Why does the product look different from the pictures? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains & production have been drastically affected for some of the ingredients used in our product. We continue to maintain the quality & integrity of the product even though some of its ingredients have been adjusted to comparable components.